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  • The Importance of LPAs

    In today’s ever-changing world, planning for unforeseen circumstances has become increasingly crucial. One essential legal instrument that can safeguard your interests and decisions is the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Let’s explore why LPAs matter and how they play a pivotal role in securing your future. What Are LPAs? LPAs are registered documents that empower you to make decisions or appoint trusted individuals (your “attorneys”) to act on your behalf. They cover two critical areas: 1 Health and Welfare LPA: This allows your attorney to make decisions related to your daily routine, medical care, and overall well-being when you’re unable to express your wishes due to illness or incapacity. 2 Property and Financial Affairs LPA: With this, your attorney manages your financial matters, including property, bills, and investments. Real-Life Example: The Story of Vincent and Carolyn Stephens The heart-wrenching story of Carolyn Stephens and her father, Vincent, serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of organizing wills and LPAs. Let’s dive into their journey: 1 Vincent’s Changing Circumstances: Vincent met Iris, a woman he befriended on a holiday in Cyprus. He sold his house to be closer to Iris, isolating himself from family and friends. Signs of potential dementia emerged, raising alarms for his daughter, Carolyn. 2 Iris’s Influence and Power of Attorney: Iris gained power of attorney over Vincent’s affairs. The system, while requiring mental capacity and lack of coercion, can be susceptible to abuse. Iris’s actions led to a severed relationship between Carolyn and her father. 3 The Search and Lack of Communication: Carolyn spent years searching for her father. Iris’s death eventually revealed Vincent’s whereabouts—hidden away in a care home. The lack of communication during this period emphasized the need for legal provisions. Why LPAs Matter 1 Preserving Family Bonds: LPAs allow families to stay connected and informed about their loved ones. Early planning, including an LPA, could have prevented Vincent’s isolation. 2 Robust Legal Frameworks: Concerns about vulnerabilities in the legal system highlight the necessity for better protections. The tragic tale of Vincent and Carolyn underscores the fragility of family bonds. MDW Solicitors Ltd: Your LPA Partner At MDW Solicitors Ltd, we understand the significance of LPAs. Our experienced team can: Draft customized LPAs tailored to your needs. Provide legal guidance to protect your interests. Ensure your wishes are respected even when you can’t express them directly. As society grapples with evolving legal frameworks, prioritizing the rights and protections of vulnerable older individuals becomes imperative. LPAs bridge the gap, allowing families to navigate challenges and stay connected through difficult times. Remember, organizing wills and LPAs isn’t just about paperwork—it’s about safeguarding your family bonds and securing your future. For expert assistance with LPAs, contact MDW Solicitors today!

  • Life Interest Wills vs. Simple Wills: Understanding the Key Differences

    When it comes to estate planning, making informed decisions is crucial. Two common types of wills are the life interest will and the simple will. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between these two approaches and shed light on why you might choose one over the other. As your trusted legal advisors at MDW Solicitors, we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of estate planning. Life Interest Wills 1 Purpose and Function: A life interest will aims to strike a balance between the interests of surviving spouses and other beneficiaries. It often involves shared assets, such as the family home. The surviving spouse (the life tenant) receives specific rights: Income: They can receive income generated by trust assets. Use of Property: They can continue living in the property during their lifetime. Upon the life tenant’s passing, the assets (the “life interest”) transfer to named beneficiaries (usually children). 2 Advantages: Financial Security: The surviving spouse has a home to live in without outright ownership. Control: You decide where your assets ultimately go. Asset Protection: Sideways disinheritance is avoided. Mitigation of Inheritance Tax (IHT): Properly structured trusts can reduce IHT liability. Protection Against Remarriage: Prevents unintended consequences in second marriages. Disadvantages: The surviving spouse doesn’t inherit the deceased’s share outright; they only have the right to live in it. Simple Wills 1 Purpose and Function: A simple will is straightforward and suitable for uncomplicated estates. It includes: Naming an executor. Listing assets and beneficiaries. Describing how to distribute them. 2 Advantages: Simplicity: Easy to execute. Suitable for smaller estates. Why Choose MDW Solicitors? Specialisation in Probate and Estate Matters: Our team focuses on probate, wills, and estate planning. Led by Debra Williamson, TEP (a highly experienced solicitor), we offer expertise tailored to your unique situation. Expertise and Personalised Guidance: Probate can be complex and emotional. We provide compassionate support during this difficult time. Our legal expertise ensures your interests are protected. Whether you opt for a life interest will or a simple will, MDW Solicitors is here to assist you. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and secure your family’s future. For expert legal advice and personalized services, reach out to MDW Solicitors at 01753 299466 or visit our website:

  • The Advantages of Life Interest Wills: A Comprehensive Guide

    In the realm of estate planning, life interest trusts play a crucial role. These trusts offer a powerful and versatile solution for safeguarding assets and ensuring financial security for your loved ones. At MDW Solicitors, we understand the importance of making informed decisions when planning for the future. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of life interest wills, their advantages, and why people choose to create them. What Are Life Interest Trusts? Life interest trusts, also known as interest in possession trusts, are a specific type of trust written into your will. Their purpose is to strike a balance between the interests of your loved ones. Here’s how they work: 1 The Life Tenant In a life interest trust, a particular beneficiary, known as the “life tenant”, receives specific rights. Typically, the life tenant is the surviving spouse. They have the legal right to: Receive income generated by the trust’s assets. Use property held within the trust during their lifetime. 2 Preserving Assets for Beneficiaries: The life tenant enjoys the benefits of trust assets without outright ownership. Upon the life tenant’s passing, the assets (the “life interest”) transfer to named beneficiaries (usually the children of the settlor). 3 Common Scenario: Property Life Interest Trust: Imagine a house jointly owned by spouses. The life interest trust ensures that the surviving spouse can continue living in the house. However, the property ultimately passes to the original settlor’s beneficiaries (usually the children). Advantages of Life Interest Trusts 1 Financial Security for the Surviving Spouse: The surviving spouse can reside in the family home or benefit from trust assets during their lifetime. This protection ensures their well-being without granting outright ownership. Meanwhile, the children’s inheritance is preserved for the future. 2 Control Over Asset Distribution: You decide where your assets ultimately go. The life interest trust allows you to shape the destiny of your property. 3 Asset Protection: Sideways disinheritance is avoided. If you leave everything to your spouse, they could legally change their mind and leave the entire joint estate to other beneficiaries. The trust prevents this by ring-fencing your share of the property. 4 Mitigation of Inheritance Tax (IHT): Properly structured life interest trusts can help reduce IHT liability. By preserving assets for beneficiaries, you optimize tax planning. 5 Protection Against Remarriage: In second marriages, life interest trusts prevent unintended consequences. The surviving spouse’s remarriage won’t jeopardize your chosen beneficiaries’ inheritance. 6 Flexibility in Trust Provisions: Life interest trusts can be tailored to specific assets or your entire estate. You have control over the terms and conditions. Why Choose MDW Solicitors? At MDW Solicitors, we stand out for several reasons: Specialisation in Probate and Estate Matters: Our team focuses on probate, wills, and estate planning. Led by Debra Williamson, TEP (a highly experienced solicitor), we offer expertise tailored to your unique situation. Expertise and Personalised Guidance: Probate can be complex and emotional. We provide compassionate support during this difficult time. Our legal expertise ensures your interests are protected. When it comes to life interest wills, MDW Solicitors is your trusted partner. We combine legal proficiency with empathy, ensuring your estate planning aligns with your family’s needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and secure your family’s future. For expert legal advice and personalized services, reach out to MDW Solicitors at 01753 299466 or visit our website:

  • Handling Intestacy: How MDW Solicitors Can Assist When There’s No Will

    When a loved one passes away without leaving a valid will, it can be a challenging and emotional time. In such cases, the legal process of distributing their estate follows specific rules known as intestacy rules. If you find yourself in this situation, MDW Solicitors can provide essential guidance and support. Here’s how we can assist: 1 Legal Guidance on Intestacy Rules Understanding Intestacy: MDW Solicitors will explain the intestacy rules that apply in your specific circumstances. These rules determine how the estate will be distributed among surviving family members. Rights and Entitlements: They will guide you on the rights and entitlements of different family members under the intestacy rules. 2 Estate Administration Identifying Assets and Liabilities: MDW Solicitors will assist in identifying the deceased’s assets (such as property, bank accounts, investments, etc.) and liabilities (debts, mortgages, etc.). Applying for Grant of Letters of Administration: If there is no will, MDW Solicitors can help you apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration. This legal document allows you to manage the estate. Distributing the Estate: They will ensure that the estate is distributed correctly according to the intestacy rules. This involves handling paperwork, paying debts, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. 3 Inheritance Tax (IHT) Considerations Calculating IHT: MDW Solicitors will assess the potential IHT liability based on the estate’s value. Intestacy may result in a higher IHT bill. Maximising Reliefs: They will explore available IHT reliefs and exemptions to minimise the tax burden. 4 Resolving Disputes Family Disputes: If disagreements arise among family members regarding inheritance, MDW Solicitors can mediate and provide legal solutions. Challenges to Intestacy: In some cases, beneficiaries may challenge the intestacy rules. MDW Solicitors can handle such challenges. Remember that having a valid will is crucial to ensure your wishes are honored. MDW Solicitors can guide you through the process and provide peace of mind during a difficult time. When a spouse passes away without leaving a will (dying intestate) and there are surviving children, the intestacy rules determine how the estate is distributed. Here’s a basic explanation: 1     If there is a surviving partner (spouse or civil partner): The partner inherits a share of the estate, including the first £322,000 and personal possessions. The remaining estate is divided among the children. 2     If there are no surviving children: The entire estate passes to the surviving partner. Remember, having a valid will ensures that your wishes are followed, so it’s essential to consider creating one. MDW Solicitors, along with information about their free consultation: Address: 1 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 0BG Email: Phone Numbers: 01753 299466 MDW Solicitors is a family-run practice specialising in wills, probate, powers of attorney, estate planning, trusts, driving offences, and criminal law. We offer professional legal services and provide as much time as needed to ensure clients understand everything related to their wills, probate, life time tax planning, lasting power of attorney, or criminal law cases. You can also request a free case evaluation with our experienced team of solicitors. Feel free to reach out to us for any legal assistance you may need!

  • Discover Why MDW Solicitors Is Your Top Choice For Expert Probate Services. Your STEP Qualified Lawyer

    MDW Solicitors: STEP Accredited Expert Probate Service Specialists 1 Expertise and Experience in Probate Matters At MDW Solicitors, we specialize in wills, probate, estate planning, trusts, driving offenses, police representation, and criminal law. Our seasoned legal professionals bring years of experience to the table, ensuring that your probate matters are handled with precision and care. 2 Navigating the Complex Probate Process Probate can be a daunting and intricate process. Dealing with someone’s estate after their passing involves legal intricacies, tax forms, and personal liabilities. Our experienced solicitors can guide you through every step, from applying for the grant of probate to completing the necessary paperwork. Let us handle the complexities while you focus on coping with the emotional aspects of loss. 3 Comprehensive Probate Services Our expertise extends beyond legal matters. We understand the financial aspects of probate as well. Here’s how we can assist you: Gathering Assets: We’ll efficiently gather in assets, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Liaising with Third Parties: We’ll communicate with relevant parties, streamlining the process. Drafting Estate Accounts: Our meticulous approach ensures accurate estate accounting. Interim Distributions: We’ll handle interim distributions to beneficiaries. Bankruptcy Searches: Protect against unexpected claims by conducting bankruptcy searches. Assisting with House Sales and Share Transfers: We’ll manage property sales and transfers. Completing Tax Forms: Leave the tax paperwork to us. Advertisement Placement: Safeguard against claims from unknown creditors. 4 Minimising Personal Liability and Risk Administering an estate without legal guidance can be risky. Do you know all the deceased’s assets? Are you aware of lifetime gifts and potential tax implications? Avoid personal liability for penalties and unpaid taxes by entrusting the process to our skilled solicitors. 5 Client Testimonials “Debra dealt with my matter extremely efficiently and professionally. She explained everything clearly to me and took all the worry out of the process. It was a quick and overall a very positive experience. I have already recommended her to friends and family due to fantastic value for money and brilliant customer service. Thank you so much.” — Miss H (Windsor) Contact Us for Expert Probate Service and Advice For expert advice on probate, reach out to us: Email: Phone: 01753 299 466 At MDW Solicitors, we blend legal expertise with compassion. Let us be your trusted partner during this challenging time. Choose us for probate services that prioritise efficiency, sensitivity, and peace of mind.

  • Why You Need a Wealth and Health Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

    Taking Control of Your Future: MDW Solicitors Can Help As we navigate life’s journey, planning for unforeseen circumstances becomes increasingly crucial. One essential tool that empowers you and your loved ones is the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Specifically, the Health & Welfare LPA and the Property & Financial Affairs LPA play vital roles in securing your well-being and financial interests. 1 Health & Welfare LPA: Protecting Your Health and Care Decisions A Health & Welfare LPA allows you to appoint someone you trust (known as the Attorney) to make decisions on your behalf regarding: Medical Treatment: Your Attorney can advocate for your preferred medical treatments, ensuring your wishes are respected. Care Provision: From daily routines to life-sustaining treatment, your Attorney ensures your care aligns with your desires. Living Arrangements: Specify where you want to live, even if you’re unable to express it yourself. Why Should You Have a Health & Welfare LPA? 1 Maintain Control: Without an LPA, doctors and social workers may make decisions on your behalf. With an LPA, you choose who advocates for you. 2 Protect Your Best Interests: Your Attorney acts in your best interests, considering your wishes, beliefs, and consultations with others. 3 Avoid Family Conflict: Clearly stating your decision-maker in advance prevents disagreements among family members. 4 Save Time and Money: An LPA avoids costly court processes if you become mentally incapable. 2 Property & Financial Affairs LPA: Safeguarding Your Finances The Property & Financial Affairs LPA empowers your chosen Attorney to manage your financial matters, including: Bank Accounts: Handling transactions, paying bills, and managing assets. Property: Selling, renting, or maintaining property. Investments: Making informed financial decisions. MDW Solicitors: Your Trusted Partner At MDW Solicitors, we understand the importance of LPAs. Here’s why you should choose us: 1 Expertise: Our experienced solicitors specialise in wills, probate, and LPAs. 2 Personalised Service: We tailor our approach to your unique needs, explaining legal jargon and simplifying the process. 3 Efficiency: We ensure your LPA is created promptly, avoiding delays. 4 Affordability: Our reasonable pricing ensures accessibility for all. Client Testimonials Lesley B: “Your service and advice were excellent and very worthwhile. We definitely will be recommending you.” Christine K: “Debra was efficient and attentive, providing prompt responses during a difficult time.” Irene G: “MDW Solicitors is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommended.” Contact Us Secure your future today. Create an LPA with MDW Solicitors: Email: Phone: 01753 299 466 Remember, it’s never too early to plan, but it can be too late. Let us help you take control and protect what matters most. Led by Debra Williamson who qualified as a lawyer in 1993 and is STEP accredited.

  • Why You Should Review Your Will Periodically and How MDW Solicitors Can Assist

    A will is a legal document that expresses your wishes about how your estate (your money, property and possessions) should be distributed after your death. It also names the people who will be responsible for carrying out your instructions (your executors) and who will take care of your children if they are under 18 (your guardians). Making a will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones and ensure that your legacy is honoured. However, making a will is not a one-time event. You should review your will periodically to make sure that it reflects your current situation and preferences. There are many reasons why you may need to update your will, such as: Changes in your relationships: You may get married, divorced, separated, enter a new partnership, or have a falling out with a beneficiary or an executor. These events may affect who you want to inherit from you and who you trust to manage your affairs. For example, did you know that marriage automatically cancels a will, unless it contains a specific clause to the contrary? And that divorce does not cancel a will, but only excludes your former spouse from benefiting from it? Changes in your assets: You may acquire or dispose of significant assets, such as a house, a business, or an inheritance. These changes may affect the value of your estate and how you want to distribute it. For example, you may want to leave specific gifts to certain beneficiaries or create a trust to reduce inheritance tax or provide for a vulnerable person. Changes in your beneficiaries’ or executors’ circumstances: The people you have named in your will may have died, become incapacitated, moved away, or changed their relationship with you. These changes may affect their ability or willingness to act as your executors or to receive your gifts. For example, you may need to appoint new executors or guardians, or change the proportions or conditions of your bequests. Changes in the law: The laws governing wills and inheritance may change over time, affecting the validity or effectiveness of your will. For example, the rules on inheritance tax, intestacy, or charitable donations may change, affecting the amount of tax you or your beneficiaries have to pay, or the way your estate is distributed if you die without a will. As a general rule, you should review your will at least every four years, or whenever there is a major change in your life or the law. However, reviewing and updating your will can be a complex and daunting task, especially if you have a large or complicated estate, or if you have family members or dependants who may challenge your will. That’s why you need the help of a professional will writer, such as MDW Solicitors. MDW Solicitors is a family-run law firm based in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, that provides personalised legal services to the local community. We can assist you with: Drafting or reviewing your will: We will listen to your wishes and advise you on the best way to organise your will, taking into account your personal and financial circumstances, your family situation, and the relevant laws and taxes. We will draft your will in clear and precise language, ensuring that it is legally valid and reflects your intentions. Applying for probate: We will help you obtain the legal authority to deal with the estate of a deceased person, whether they left a will or not. We will guide you through the probate process, from valuing the estate and paying any debts and taxes, to distributing the assets among the beneficiaries and preparing the final accounts. Drafting a lasting power of attorney: We will help you appoint one or more people to make decisions on your behalf, in case you lose the mental capacity to do so in the future. We will explain the different types of powers of attorney, such as financial or health and welfare, and help you choose the most suitable ones for your needs. We will draft the documents and register them with the Office of the Public Guardian, ensuring that they are legally valid and binding. Dealing with criminal issues, including motoring offences: We will represent you if you are accused of a criminal offence, such as assault, theft, fraud, or driving under the influence. We will advise you on your rights and options and defend you in court or negotiate a plea bargain, depending on your situation. We will aim to achieve the best possible outcome for you, whether it is a dismissal, an acquittal, or a reduced sentence. Lifetime tax planning, including the creation of trusts: We will help you minimise the amount of tax you or your beneficiaries have to pay on your estate, both during your lifetime and after your death. We will advise you on the various ways to reduce your tax liability, such as making gifts, donating to charity, or creating trusts. We will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option, and help you set up and manage the trusts, ensuring that they comply with the law and the trust deed. Whether you prefer to visit us in our offices or receive a home visit, MDW Solicitors are always here to help. We offer a free initial consultation, and a fixed fee for most of our services, so you know exactly what you are paying for. We also support the local community by sponsoring local schools and events. MDW Solicitors was founded in memory of Debra Williamson’s father, Maurice Douglas Williamson, who passed away in December 2017. As his legacy, Debra and Andrew established the firm to provide legal services to families while also contributing to the community. If you need help with your will or any other legal matter, contact MDW Solicitors today on 01753 299466, or visit our website here. They will be happy to assist you with your legal needs and put your mind at ease.

  • Why Choose a TEP Qualified Lawyer for Your Legal Needs?

    Understanding TEP and Its Importance When it comes to legal matters related to trusts, estates, and private client work, having a TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner) by your side can make all the difference. Let’s explore why choosing a TEP qualified lawyer is a smart decision: 1 Expertise and Specialization A TEP is a professional who has undergone specialized training in trusts, estates, and related areas. They possess in-depth knowledge of inheritance, succession, and tax planning. 2 Global Network and Collaboration TEPs are part of a global network of over 21,000 advisors and professionals. This network allows them to share insights, expertise, and best practices across professional and geographic boundaries. 3 Tailored Solutions TEPs provide tailored solutions based on your specific needs. Whether it’s structuring wealth, estate planning, or dealing with complex legal matters, a TEP can guide you effectively. MDW Solicitors: Your Trusted TEP Qualified Lawyers At MDW Solicitors, we take pride in offering TEP qualified legal services. Here’s why you should choose us: 1 Debra Williamson, TEP Our founder, Debra Williamson, is a highly experienced solicitor who qualified in 1993. She specializes in advising clients on trusts, wills, probate, lifetime tax planning, and lasting powers of attorney. 2 Personalized Approach We understand that legal matters can be overwhelming. Our personalized approach ensures you receive the attention and time you deserve. Whether it’s drafting a will, handling probate, or planning for the future, we’re here for you. 3 Fixed-Fee Transparency We often deal with cases on a fixed-fee basis, so you know exactly what to expect from the outset. No surprises—just friendly, expert legal service. 4 Inspired by Family Values The inspiration behind MDW Solicitors was Debra Williamson’s late father, Maurice Douglas Williamson. His legacy drives our commitment to protecting families and securing their futures. Contact MDW Solicitors Ready to put your legal affairs in order? Contact us today: Address: 1 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, SL9 0BG Email: Phone: 01753 299466 Choose MDW Solicitors—a family-run firm led by Debra Williamson (TEP) to safeguard your interests.

  • Why Choose MDW Solicitors for Probate Services?

    Expertise and Personalized Guidance At MDW Solicitors, we understand that probate can be a complex and emotional process. When it comes to probate, you need more than just legal expertise—you need a compassionate partner who understands the emotional challenges during this difficult time. Here’s why MDW Solicitors stands out: 1 Specialization in Probate and Estate Matters Our team specializes in probate, wills, and estate planning. Led by Debra Williamson, TEP (a highly experienced solicitor), we offer expertise tailored to your unique situation. 2 Compassionate Approach We recognize the sensitivity of probate proceedings. Our compassionate approach ensures that you receive personalized guidance throughout the process. 3 Efficient Handling We streamline the probate process, minimizing delays and ensuring efficient handling. Our goal is to make the experience as smooth as possible during a challenging time. 4 Legal Clarity Our solicitors provide clear explanations of legal terms and steps involved. You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the probate process. 5 Fixed-Fee Approach Transparency matters to us. We offer a fixed-fee structure for probate services. No surprises—just straightforward pricing. Client Testimonial “Debra dealt with my matter extremely efficiently and professionally. She explained everything clearly to me and took all the worry out of the process. It was a quick and overall a very positive experience. I have already recommended her to friends and family due to fantastic value for money and brilliant customer service. Thank you so much.” — Miss H (Windsor) Contact MDW Solicitors Secure your family’s future with confidence. Schedule a consultation today: Address: 1 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, SL9 0BG Email: Phone: 01753 299466 Let us guide you through probate, ensuring your loved ones are protected

  • Probate: A Quick and Simple Guide

    1 What Is Probate? Probate grants the legal right to manage the deceased person’s estate. It involves accessing funds, sorting finances, and distributing assets. You should not make financial plans or put property on the market until you’ve obtained probate. 2 When Is Probate Needed? Check if probate is needed by contacting the financial organizations the deceased person used (e.g., their bank and mortgage company). You may not need probate if the person who died: Only had savings. Owned shares or money jointly with others. Owned land or property as ‘joint tenants’ with others. 3 Applying for Probate: Value the estate and estimate whether there’s Inheritance Tax to pay. Executors named in the will can apply if there’s one. If there’s no will, the closest living relative can apply. MDW Solicitors Can Help: At MDW Solicitors, we specialize in private client work, including probate, wills, and estate planning. Contact us for professional advice and assistance: Address: 1 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, SL9 0BG Email: Phone: 01753 299466 Let us guide you through the process!

  • Why Young Couples with Babies Should Have a Will

    Secure Your Family’s Future As a young couple embarking on the journey of parenthood, it’s essential to consider the future well-being of your family. One crucial step in this process is creating a Last Will and Testament. Here’s why: 1. Guardianship for Your Children A Will allows you to designate a guardian for your children in case both parents pass away. Without a Will, the court will decide who will care for your children, which may not align with your wishes. 2. Asset Distribution Your Will outlines how your assets (such as property, savings, and investments) should be distributed. By specifying your wishes, you ensure that your partner and children receive their rightful share. 3. Avoiding Intestacy Laws If you die without a Will (intestate), the law dictates how your estate is distributed. Having a Will ensures that your wishes prevail over generic legal rules. 4. Tax Efficiency Proper estate planning through a Will can minimize inheritance tax liabilities. Consult with our experienced solicitors to explore tax-saving strategies. 5. Peace of Mind Knowing that your family is protected and your wishes are documented provides peace of mind. A Will ensures clarity and reduces potential disputes among family members. MDW Solicitors: Your Trusted Advisors At MDW Solicitors, we specialize in private client work, including Wills, Probate, and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Led by Debra Williamson, TEP (a highly experienced solicitor), we offer professional legal services with a personal touch. Contact Us: Address: 1 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, SL9 0BG Email: Phone: 01753 299466 Let us help you secure your family’s future. Schedule a consultation today!

  • Understanding Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

    What Is a Power of Attorney? A power of attorney is a legal document that appoints someone (referred to as your ‘attorney’) to make decisions on your behalf. It becomes crucial when you’re no longer able to make or communicate your own decisions due to various reasons. Why Consider LPAs? Temporary Assistance: LPAs can be a temporary measure, especially if you’re going into the hospital and need help with everyday financial tasks like paying bills. Long-Term Planning: For long-term planning, LPAs are essential. For instance, if you’ve been diagnosed with dementia, planning ahead ensures that your wishes are respected even if you lose mental capacity in the future. Types of Lasting Powers of Attorney Property and Affairs LPA Allows the appointed person to make decisions related to your property and finances. Relevant for managing bills, investments, and property transactions. Health and Welfare LPA Empowers the appointed person to make decisions about your care and medical treatment. Crucial for ensuring your preferences are followed regarding health and well-being. Setting Up an LPA: Practical Steps 1 Choosing Your Attorney(s) You can appoint more than one attorney Consider someone you trust implicitly. 2 Complete the Necessary Forms Fill in the forms to officially appoint your chosen attorney(s) 3 Register the LPA Register the LPA with the Office of the Public Guardian (this process may take up to 20 weeks). The registration fee is £82 unless you qualify for a reduction or exemption. MDW Solicitors: Your Trusted Legal Advisors At MDW Solicitors, we specialize in private client work, including LPAs, wills, probate, trusts, and estate planning. Led by Debra Williamson, TEP (a highly experienced solicitor), we offer professional legal services with a personal touch. Our fixed-fee approach ensures transparency from the outset. Feel free to explore our website for more information or download our free legal guides on Wills, Probate, and Powers of Attorney. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us: Address: 1 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross, SL9 0BG Email: Phone: 01753 299466 Remember, planning ahead with LPAs provides peace of mind and protects your interests. Let us assist you in securing your future!

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