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Are you at risk of losing your driving licence?



Debra Williamson has been specialising in road traffic law for nearly 30 years. At MDW Solicitors we specialise in all motoring law, including drink-driving and any offences which can lead to a loss of your
driving licence.

We are able to represent you at court and in a police station. We will take your initial instructions and
advise whether you have an argument which can result in you not losing your driving licence even if
you have 12 points. We will advise you on what documentary evidence you need to obtain in order to
put forward, a successful argument to show exceptional hardship. We have experience in local courts
and courts that are far afield. We offer fixed fee advice and will let
you know at the outset how much it
will cost for us to represent you in a court.



We offer a free initial consultation.

We recently successfully argued exceptional hardship for a business owner who kept her licence in a speeding case. She had three speeding summonses in one month and disqualification would have had an extreme affect on her businesses. Without our expert knowledge she would not have known where to have begun. Every case is different and it really depends on knowing what evidence the court needs to see and how the case is conducted in order for your argument to be successful.

As an accredited criminal litigator, we can also represent you at your first court appearance and provide trial representation should it be required, to support you through the entire legal process.


If you need advice relating to a criminal charge then please contact us. We can give you expert advice which would allow you to understand all the options that are available to you.


Phone: 01753 299 466


Trust your case to our legal experts by contacting us for a free case evaluation.

“Debra Williamson from MDW Solicitors was fantastic - I accrued 12 points on my driving licence and was facing disqualification -she successfully defended me in court so that I was able to keep my licence.

She was so accommodating and helpful throughout the whole process - continually kept me updated and advised me on what to expect.
I would definitely recommend MDW Solicitors to anyone who might need their services.”



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