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  • Debra Williamson

Have you booked your free LPA review yet?

At this free consultation, we will look at your current situation and help you identify the potential impact that not having a Lasting Power of Attorney could have on your life. We will then show you the steps we can take to avoid these problems and take control of your future.

You might be surprised just how much influence the State can have if you haven’t made your wishes clear. Do you want medical professionals to make decisions about your treatment? Are you happy with the State deciding whether you should move into a Care home or not? Even if you have talked extensively with your partner or family about these kinds of scenarios, if you don’t have an LPA in place then they cannot carry out your wishes.

Ensure your voice is heard by creating a Lasting Power of Attorney.

PS. Many people think creating a Lasting Power of Attorney is expensive. But it can be more affordable than you think. At MDW Solicitors we believe in transparency and value for money. I can talk to you about our fixed fee options during our free review, so you know exactly what to expect from the start.

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