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Have your children flown the nest yet?

Are you dealing with empty nest syndrome? If your children are in full-time work or have moved into homes of their own, you may be feeling a new sense of independence. Many people choose to travel more in retirement, enjoying longer holidays without the constraints of work or school.

As it says in our 5 crucial reasons why you need a Lasting Power of Attorney if you are over 55, creating an LPA can allow you to go off and enjoy travelling the world whilst your domestic affairs are kept in order. Whether it is the sunnier climate of Spain, the peacefulness of the French countryside or even further afield, you can relax knowing that someone is on hand to look after your money.

Find out more about why it makes sense to appoint an Attorney sooner rather than later by calling me on 01753 299466 or emailing

P.S. When you create a Lasting Power of Attorney, it’s a good time to review your Will and ensure it is up to date. If you haven’t already made a Will, download ourFive reasons why everyone over 40 needs a Will to ensure you make the right preparations for your future.

I’m happy to confirm I have been pleased with the service you have provided. I particularly like the location and style of your office, all designed to offer a relaxed atmosphere, yet retaining a professional touch. From the moment I first met you at the St Giles fair at your promotion event I liked your relaxed approach and I have not been disappointed.

Mr J

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