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Why You Need a Wealth and Health Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Taking Control of Your Future: MDW Solicitors Can Help

As we navigate life’s journey, planning for unforeseen circumstances becomes increasingly crucial. One essential tool that empowers you and your loved ones is the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Specifically, the Health & Welfare LPA and the Property & Financial Affairs LPA play vital roles in securing your well-being and financial interests.

1 Health & Welfare LPA: Protecting Your Health and Care Decisions

Health & Welfare LPA allows you to appoint someone you trust (known as the Attorney) to make decisions on your behalf regarding:

  • Medical Treatment: Your Attorney can advocate for your preferred medical treatments, ensuring your wishes are respected.

  • Care Provision: From daily routines to life-sustaining treatment, your Attorney ensures your care aligns with your desires.

  • Living Arrangements: Specify where you want to live, even if you’re unable to express it yourself.

Why Should You Have a Health & Welfare LPA?

1 Maintain Control: Without an LPA, doctors and social workers may make decisions on your behalf. With an LPA, you choose who advocates for you.

2 Protect Your Best Interests: Your Attorney acts in your best interests, considering your wishes, beliefs, and consultations with others.

3 Avoid Family Conflict: Clearly stating your decision-maker in advance prevents disagreements among family members.

4 Save Time and Money: An LPA avoids costly court processes if you become mentally incapable.

2 Property & Financial Affairs LPA: Safeguarding Your Finances

The Property & Financial Affairs LPA empowers your chosen Attorney to manage your financial matters, including:

  • Bank Accounts: Handling transactions, paying bills, and managing assets.

  • Property: Selling, renting, or maintaining property.

  • Investments: Making informed financial decisions.

MDW Solicitors: Your Trusted Partner

At MDW Solicitors, we understand the importance of LPAs. Here’s why you should choose us:

1 Expertise: Our experienced solicitors specialise in wills, probate, and LPAs.

2 Personalised Service: We tailor our approach to your unique needs, explaining legal jargon and simplifying the process.

3 Efficiency: We ensure your LPA is created promptly, avoiding delays.

4 Affordability: Our reasonable pricing ensures accessibility for all.

Client Testimonials

  • Lesley B

    • “Your service and advice were excellent and very worthwhile. We definitely will be recommending you.”

  • Christine K

    • “Debra was efficient and attentive, providing prompt responses during a difficult time.”

  • Irene G

    • “MDW Solicitors is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommended.”

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Secure your future today. Create an LPA with MDW Solicitors:

Remember, it’s never too early to plan, but it can be too late. Let us help you take control and protect what matters most.


Led by Debra Williamson who qualified as a lawyer in 1993 and is STEP accredited.

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